February 2015 - Present

In 2015 I joined Airware, a startup on a mission to build an operating system for commercial drones. In my time there I designed the initial version of their cloud and mobile applications, grew and led the Design team, and helped establish a Design culture within the company.

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Mobile Operator App

In Fall of 2016 we set out to simplify the experience of collecting data with a drone in order to make our product accessible to less tech-savvy operators.

We began with basic paper prototypes of the software and equipment and eventually built a proof-of-concept application to test the experience and get buy-in from internal stakeholders. The final product took the form of an iOS application with a workflow that required less training time, reduced data transfer errors, and cut operation time roughly in half.

Cloud Planning and Analytics

I designed the initial version Airware cloud application, and over the next few years I worked with a number of teams to add features as the company tested waters with early adopters in 4 verticals. As the business began to zero in on AEC and Insurance customers the app took shape as a tool for remote flight planning and post-flight analysis.

The Airware Cloud enables people to plan, request, and track drone flights in compliance with Federal laws. When flights are completed, data is uploaded, processed and rendered for analysis. It offers a suite of analytics tools including: annotations, area and volume calculations, time-series comparisons, and a full activity log.

Ground Control Station

When I came to Airware the operator interface was a .NET application targeted towards Aerospace and UAV professionals. As the company shifted away from this user base we made a number of UX enhancements to make the system accessible to a wider group of people.

Some of these enhancements included job assignment, an improved aircraft connection workflow, an integration with NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management System, and a guided post-flight data upload flow.