November 2018 - Present

I am currently Head of Product Design at Rhythm, where we're combining wearable sensors and machine learning to change the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed.


MyZio is a mobile app used by a quarter million people a year to guide them through their heart monitoring journey. It is designed to help patients successfully apply, wear, and return their monitor. This app is uniquely challenging to design for because our average patient age is 72 and many have physical or cognitive impairments - simplicity and accessibility are always top of mind.


In 2023 we will be launching our next generation of monitoring hardware. My team was responsible for the research and design of an all new packaging platform. We executed multiple cycles of Human Factors research and testing to understand how to most effectively explain the service and ensure successful application, wear, and return of the monitor. This data was submitted to FDA and helped the device achieve 510k clearance. We also partnered with manufacturing engineers to optimize the design for automation and drive down cost.


ZioSuite is a mobile and web platform that cardiologists and other healthcare professionals use to mange and interpret patient data. In 2019 my team collaborated with PM and Engineering to ship a complete redesign that streamlined many key tasks, improve NPS scores, and laid the foundation for more advanced features.

Clinical QA Workflow

When patients return their monitors raw ECG data is processed by proprietary ML model. My team is responsible for the tool that EKG technicians use to check the output, make any necessary changes, and generates a report for the patient’s physician.