Unbound Medicine

June 2010 - November 2012

After graduating, I started working at Unbound Medicine, a company that was building a platform to power mobile and web applications for over 2 million medical professionals. I was responsible for the UI, UX and Visual Design for all 35 of their applications.


Unbound Medline (now called Prime) is a cross-platform application that helps medical librarians and researchers find medical literature. It provides a simple interface to query the PubMed database, save searches, and discover new content.

My favorite part of the app was our ability to represent articles and their connections to one and other graphically. We would give researchers information about an article’s relative importance by using a system of colors and shapes to map out all of it's references and citations.

Windows Phone Design

When Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 I was responsible for porting our apps over to the new platform. It was an interesting challenge because the interaction patterns and aesthetics were very different from what iOS and Android were doing at the time. We worked to maintain some cross-platform consistency while still adhering to Microsoft’s design guidelines.

One of the apps built on our platform, Relief Central, was selected by Microsoft as a winner of their Federal Apps Contest. The CTO, lead developer, and myself were interviewed by Microsoft for a segment on their developer blog.

Tablet Redesign

When the iPad and other tablet devices were introduced in 2010 we set out to rethink the layout and UX of the apps on our platform in order to take advantage of these new form factors. We experimented with a variety of layouts that leveraged the increased screen real estate to improve the experience of browsing and searching content.